The CTR Group

Waste nothing.
Reuse everything.
Protect the planet.

At the CTR Group we’re on a mission to make a difference, by giving our customers a way to reuse, recycle and repurpose practically everything. Our vision is to be part of a global circular economy, where what we do is the norm (not the exception) and landfill is a thing of the past.

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CTR Group Private Sector

Private sector

We help leading brands set up and run ethical, sustainable, and profitable product disposal schemes for everything from giveback schemes to overstock.

CTR Group Public Sector

Public sector

We work with the public sector to offer closed loop recycling programmes for IT asset disposal, data wiping, WEEE waste, and toner and cartridge recycling.

CTR Group Third Sector

Third sector

As the UK’s largest charity shop collector we work with our charity partners to help reduce their costs, increase revenues and safeguard their reputations.

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tonnes collected each week from our charity partners


full time staff


low-emission vehicles on the road


processing plant across 3 sites

What don’t we do?
The norm.

When you handle a mountain of unwanted products every single day of the year, you learn to move fast. That’s how we can tackle any sustainability challenge that comes our way.

We do it using a combination of commercial savvy, industry-leading logistics and old-fashioned elbow grease. We operate at the leading edge of our industry to redefine and extend product lifecycles and champion a circular economy.

It’s how we’ve built relationships with our partners that last years. They trust us to do what we say, and they know we approach every challenge with a positive can-do approach.

They know that if it can be done, we’ll do it.
And if it can’t? We’ll tell them that too.

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The CTR Group
``CTR has provided collection services to Sense for nearly 10 years. Their levels of professionalism and service resulted in Sense awarding CTR our whole estate in recent years. We have also been able to recommend CTR to other charities as the textile recycler of choice, based on our experience.``
Paul Hale Donated Stock Manager, Sense
“Cats Protection have worked with CTR since 2016 to support our shop’s recycling needs and we have always been highly satisfied. In particular, the communication from CTR is always completely transparent… and there is always a quick response and remedy to any issues that arise. We look forward to our continuing partnership with CTR.”
Ian Trotter Interim Retail Business Manager, Cats Protection

Our planet has a problem.
It’s us.

We are making, using and throwing away more than we ever have before, faster than we ever have before. From clothing to computers, we’ve become hooked on throwaway culture – and our addiction to landfill has to stop.

We know there’s a better way, and we work hard every day to make sure our partners in the private and charity sectors are travelling it with us. It’s better for the planet, our clients and their customers. And because it’s better for them, it’s also better for the bottom line.

CTR Group Recycling

We hire smart people who like to work hard,
everyone from lorry drivers to logistics leaders.
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