Our toner and cartridge recycling service

We will collect all your printer consumables, from inkjet cartridges to toner bottles. We work with public and private sector partners to recycle and reuse all the materials and ensure that zero goes to landfill.

The CTR Group is the UK and Ireland recycling partner for Canon, as well as the UK partner for Lexmark collections and processing. We also believe we’re the only company in the UK with a toner cartridge recycling machine.

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    The scale of the challenge

    More than 1.1 billion inkjet cartridges are used around the world every year, and up to three pints of oil are used in the manufacture of each one. If you laid them end-to-end, they would be 129 times longer than the great wall of China.

    Less than 30% of all these cartridges are being recycled. The plastic that is contained within the casing of a printer cartridge can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. In the UK alone we use 65 million printer cartridges and we only recycle 15% of them.

    Less than 30% recycled globally

    Approximately 15% recycled in the UK

    ``We have worked closely with CTR Europe for several years to provide our customers with a recycling service. This successful partnership helps us to deliver a more environmentally-friendly, transparent and customer-centric solution for empty toners. With its innovative approach, legal compliance, full diversion of waste from landfill and added social value, we are proud to work with CTR Europe as a trusted supplier.``
    Canon (UK) Ltd
    ``CTR has provided collection services to Sense for nearly 10 years. Their levels of professionalism and service resulted in Sense awarding CTR our whole estate in recent years. We have also been able to recommend CTR to other charities as the textile recycler of choice, based on our experience.``
    Paul Hale Donated Stock Manager, Sense
    “Cats Protection have worked with CTR since 2016 to support our shop’s recycling needs and we have always been highly satisfied. In particular, the communication from CTR is always completely transparent… and there is always a quick response and remedy to any issues that arise. We look forward to our continuing partnership with CTR.”
    Ian Trotter Interim Retail Business Manager, Cats Protection

    What do we recycle?

    Inkjet cartridges
    Laser cartridges
    Inktank cartridges
    Imaging units
    Toner bottles
    Fuser units
    Drum units
    Transfer belts
    Waster toner bottles

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