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With our expertise and infrastructure, we’re able to divert surplus goods away from landfill or incineration and back into markets around the world: closing the loop on a more circular economy.

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    What is product disposal?

    Until now, the options for retailers or manufacturers looking for environmentally responsible ways to dispose of unwanted stock have been limited.

    The boom in online shopping means that more than half of U.K. consumers now shop online (a figure that is rising rapidly). This also raises ongoing challenges for manufacturers and retailers in how to handle returns, seconds, end of lines and overruns in a sustainable, efficient way.

    We know that the prospect of incineration – simply setting fire to your waste products – is an increasingly unattractive option on multiple levels. According to the National Infrastructure Commission, just over 4% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 came from the waste sector (22 megatonnes of CO2 in total).

    Energy from waste incinerators was responsible for nearly a quarter of the total emissions from the sector. Instead, companies are looking for ways to maximise financial return, whilst protecting their brand and minimising the environmental footprint.

    “Working with CTR has been a pleasure. They are very professional, proficient and pragmatic so have been a great partner for us.”
    The Boohoo Group
    ``CTR has provided collection services to Sense for nearly 10 years. Their levels of professionalism and service resulted in Sense awarding CTR our whole estate in recent years. We have also been able to recommend CTR to other charities as the textile recycler of choice, based on our experience.``
    Paul Hale Donated Stock Manager, Sense
    “Cats Protection have worked with CTR since 2016 to support our shop’s recycling needs and we have always been highly satisfied. In particular, the communication from CTR is always completely transparent… and there is always a quick response and remedy to any issues that arise. We look forward to our continuing partnership with CTR.”
    Ian Trotter Interim Retail Business Manager, Cats Protection

    There’s a better way

    At CTR we can offer alternative disposal routes that repurpose and recycle your products. It means we can unlock markets around the globe and donate surplus to charitable UK partners.

    With this new mindset, the headache of surplus can quickly be turned into a positive. We’re able to support companies committed to real change in reaching their environmental goals, whilst helping them realise the potential value of their surplus stock.

    We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with like minded businesses committed to making a real difference by reducing their environmental footprint.

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